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Fort Lauderdale headshots

Build your brand with headshots that attracts clients

We take the time to get to know you, your clients, and your goals so that we can design the type of photos that get people interested in you.

Realtor Headshots
Personal Branding
Corporate office headshots
On-Location Headshot Photography
A smiling woman in a white shirt poses for a headshot by Eric Campbell Photography in Fort Lauderdale.
Professional Headshot Photography
Actor Headshots Eric Campbell photography
Actor Headshots

“It’s more than just a photo; it’s an instant, lasting, amazing, first impression.”

Fort Lauderdale headshots done in the photography studio
Sonia Russ04846 for web 2 3
Sean Parsons Professional Men's Headshots done in the Fort Laudersale Photography Studio

"Your amazing new Headshots will make an announcement to your future clients, letting them know that you created a place for them, and that they should hire you."

Headshots last 5-10 years

Are you really willing to risk losing opportunities with a bad headshot?

Proposals, applications, social media profiles, websites, biosAre just a few of the places you will show your images, and the impression you make matters far more than you realize. In our online world, people make quick  judgementsless than half a second – when they see someone’s photo. In that half-second they unconsciously make so many decisions: Is this the person I’m looking for? Do I want to work with this person? Do I trust this person? Is this person confident? Do I want to talk to this person? You get the idea. What are people deciding about you?

Get HEADSHOTS in FORT LAUDERDALE that make a difference.

Dgim Law00940 for web
A woman standing next to a motorcycle in front of an airplane captured by Eric Campbell Photography, a professional photographer based in Fort Lauderdale.

This is badass photography!

You are a badass too, you just need us to help you get photos that prove it!

Emmanuele Sembroni02546 for web 1 1
Are you ready to get in the headshot game?

Building a name for yourself can require a ton of decisions. Quite frankly, it can be exhausting! Let us help you out by getting to know you, and your goals, so that you can relax a little. We will help you plan out your shoot and, WE WILL MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTOS IMPRESSS YOUR FUTURE CLIENTS

Just getting started? Let us help you look great with amazing professional Headshots.

We run your color chart, we help you pick out outfits, we help you define your brand, and we help you get photos that attract clients!

Fort Lauderdale Headshot Photographer


I will make sure your new photos look amazing and give you the confidence you need to proudly share your new website and marketing material.

You will look authentic.

I’ll help you define how you need to look in your photos, then I’ll coach you throughout the shoot to capture it.

I’ll coach you to pose your face and body.

Should you smile? Look relaxed? Look powerful? I will coach you to look your absolute best.

You will get Pinterest level photos .

The hardest part is picking your favorites – they will be the type of photos people save on Pinterest. You will get the photos you need to succeed.

image 18
Professional Headshot of Woman smiling with black top


Your professional headshot is your virtual handshake. Introduce yourself as confident, capable, approachable – a true professional – before they ever meet you in person.

Best for:

  • LinkedIn and Social Profiles
  • Job Applications
  • Professional Bios
  • Personal Business Cards
  • Email signatures


Get amazing, affordable, high-quality professional company headshots that make everyone proud to work with – and work for – your company, With a professional headshot studio that comes to you.

Best for:

  • Company Websites/Bios
  • Email Signatures
  • Company Business Cards
  • Advertising/Billboards
  • Goup photos
Company headshots and Office headshots for websites.


Are you ready to be featured in a magazine if someone called you today? Make people “feel” your brand when they see your photos. Reveal the look, in each photo,  that makes people want to follow you, instantly.

Best for:

  • Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Social Profiles
  • Personal/Brand Websites
  • Magazine and Publication Features
  • Professional Bio/Profile
Khambrel Alexander01245 for web
Leather Jacket Headshot of Women Giving a Power Pose
Kevin Mendez professionally photographed by Eric Campbell

You will love your brand photos

We will turn you into an icon!

Beautiful Women in Personal Branding photograph for Realtor website

Realtor Headshots

If  you’re a realtor selling single family homes, you need to look friendly, trustworthy – like someone they can call and talk to like a friend.

Attorney headshots

If you’re an attorney, you need to look like someone who will fight for their clients, while also looking like someone who cares, who will be there for their clients. 

Lawyer Headshots and Website Photography for Attorneys
Man getting a Corporate Headshot in Broward County Florida

Executive headshots

If you’re an executive, you need to display confidence, poise under pressure, but you also need to look approachable, available.

Back and white headshot photography examples

Most headshot photographers will make you fit into a mold. But I believe you are the mold. You’re David inside the rock and I’m going to sculpt the statue out of you. I’ll fit my studio and our photoshoot to what you need, not what a “headshot photographer” thinks you need. ~Eric Campbell

Your headshot will tell a story. Let’s make sure it tells the right one.

Best Photographer in fort lauderdale
Maria Perez
I was looking for a photographer for updated headshots . I stumbled upon Eric Campbell and I was beyond impressed … a true professional
And quite the visionary …
This was the MOST amazing photography experience I have ever had ! His hair/makeup combo is remarkable … steve you were so engaged and attentive …
ERIC you rock in my book.. the best photography session I could ever imagine. I Love my photos ….
Antworne Spann
My experience with Eric Campbell Photography was exceptional from the first inquiry phone call to getting the final edits of the pictures. He takes great care to explain the process in detail and understand what your goal is for the photos.
Eric and Steven made the photo shoot very easy and fun, even setting the tone with playing music you like and vibe with to help you get comfortable so you can confidently express yourself in the photos.
Eric took great care and focused on all details to ensure that I was going to get the best photos and that my goals for the photo session were met and exceeded. If you want someone who is honest, creative and full of great positive energy, I definitely recommend Eric and his team for your next professional photo needs.
Black and white headshot photo for business wbesite


Best Website Photographer Fort Lauderdale Delivers Fun And Exciting Headshots That Make you Smile

Here’s how it works:

1. Get a Quote.

Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll give you a quick, simple quote. Then we’ll schedule a convenient time to take your photos.

2. Get amazing, iconic headshots.

Your photoshoot will be just that - yours. We’ll plan out your shoot, create the perfect look, and capture photos that you’ll be proud to show anyone.

3. Start impressing, everywhere you’re seen.

Win the business. Get the job. Stop the scroll. When people see your headshot, they’ll say “that’s what we’re looking for.”

You should admire yourself the way you admire others. I’ll make sure you do.

Hi, I’m Eric Campbell.

As a headshot photographer, I meet people everyday who need a “professional photo” of themselves, but hate the idea of getting their picture taken.

You know what everyone actually hates? Having to explain to anyone who sees your photo why you don’t like it. We’ve all experienced having to add that disclaimer to our photos, as though we want to get ahead of any judgement. We want people to know we’re, well, better than what our photo reveals.

But I’m in this profession because of a profound process that happens: I’ll capture photos of you that will make you want to become the person you see in the photos. But then, you’ll realize, you’ll remember, that you already are that person, and now you finally get to show the world.

Yes, it’s possible. I’ll prove it to you.

With a photo like that, you’ll stand out, make people pause, make them click, make them watch, make them read – you’ll make them want to choose you, even if they don’t fully understand why.

Best of all, we’ll capture these photos in just a few hours, get them to you quickly, and set you up to wow everyone for the next 10 years.

Professional Photographer Eric Campbell Fort Lauderdale Portrait Studio

Eric Campbell (professional photographer in fort lauderdale)

“I believe the more a person gives, the more they receive. That’s why I always go the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy and excited to use their photos.” – Luke 6:38

Let’s get you professional headshots that make the instant, lasting, first impression you deserve.

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