Get the Headshots that casting directors want

With a brand-centered strategy

3 things to think about Actors Headshots

Headshots are a powerful tool.

Your headshots will let casting directors know what roles you can play.

Together we will figure out what roles are right for you.

Before the shoot we will do a branding call and set goals for our Headshot session.

This way you will give yourself the chance to land your dream role.

By putting in the work before your Headshot session we will be able to get the Headshots you need to advance your career

Examples of Actors Headshots

Headshots are the packaging and you are the product

Learn who you are as an actor because every actor has their own energy that they bring to their roles. 

Your headshot is your opportunity to tell casting directors you are unique and you are not like everyone else.

And that message needs to be true because even a great actor can look bad playing the wrong roles!

How to prepare for Actor Headshots


A great headshot should tell a story. Together we will identify your brand, and use that to help us figure out what story you want to tell.

Your brand is the energy people think about when they hear your name.

A look is the combination of what you are wearing, and what background we use to tell your story

You should wear something that compliments the story you want to tell, and keep it simple! We want the casting director thinking about you, and not trying to figure out where you got your shirt from.

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Find out why people love their Actor Headshots

Actor Headhsots is my life, and making sure you have a great experience is my top priority!



includes 3 edits

60 min

3 looks

Social media photos

Indoor & Outdoor

You keep all photos

Hair and makeup extra $150




includes 10 edits

No time limit

Unlimited Looks

Indoor and Outdoor

You keep all photos 

Hair and makeup extra $250