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Actor Headshots miami


Casting directors are looking through thousands of headshots for the one person that stands out. Lets make sure that person is you

What you will get when you hire me

I am sure by now you are wondering what you will get when you hire me for your actor headshots


Your agents will love your Headshots, and you wont have to reshoot them.


Friends dont let friends take pictures with double chins


Great Headshots get more auditions, it’s that simple.

Headshot Photo

Actor Headshots miami

Land your dream role

Imagine landing your dream role. We will go over what your dreams are, and together we can create a headshot that gets your foot in the door

Why you should hire me for your actor headshots

If you are shopping the web for your next actors headshot photographer, I am going to give you three reasons why you should pick me.


 I have built relationships with the top agencies in south Florida, and I know what they want.


This is not a turn and burn studio, we will take our time and make sure that you love your new headshots.


As soon as  you finish we will upload a gallery for you and your agents to make selections.

You are a product

It is important to understand that this is a business, and this is how it works.


You are the product, and your headshot is the packaging


The casting director is a personal shopper. Your headshot lets them know if they are spending their time and money on the right thing.


The director is the buyer, they are expecting the product to match the package, and they don’t want to be catfished


I’m sure you have some questions 

A great headshot should tell a story. Together we will identify your brand, and use that to help us figure out what story you want to tell.

Your brand is the energy people think about when they hear your name.

A look is the combination of what you are wearing, and what background we use to tell your story

You should wear something that compliments the story you want to tell, and keep it simple! We want the casting director thinking about you, and not trying to figure out where you got your shirt from.


Most headshot sessions these days limit you on time or force you to pay extra for additional clothing looks. That approach robs you from getting the most out of your headshot session.

Many clients have expressed how they didn’t like their old headshots because of the clothes they were wearing, or because it felt rushed. That is because “look” based sessions are restrictive, they require you to be in and out, and they don’t give you space to figure out precisely what you want.

Your headshot session with me will be at your pace, and we won’t settle for headshots that you don’t love. Your session will be untimed, and your looks unlimited. The best part is that you only have to purchase the images you want!

After the session, we can review the images together on the big screen, and I will help you decide which photos are perfect for you.


$300 Session Fee

only $25 for retouched photos

No time limit

As many outfits as you want

Perfectly retouched images

Comfortable in studio session

Multiple backgrounds

You keep all photos from session