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Actor headshot

3 step process for perfect actor headshots

Set Goals

Before the shoot we will do a branding call and set goals for your Headshot session. This way you can be sure that you get exactly what you want, so you can own your brand.

Send a message

Many actors fall in the trap of not wanting to be put in a box, but in reality every great actor has a box. You need to send a clear message and let casting directors know that you are confident.

Land a role

By setting clear goals, and defining your identity you will put yourself in position to land the roles that you are good at, and this will help you build your reputation as a solid actor.

Examples of real Actors Headshots

There is a method to getting industry standard actor headshots

Know who you are

  • Great Headshots happen when the actor understands what makes them unique

Own your box

  • An actor should not be afraid to be put in a box, instead they should try to dominate their box

Be specific

  • If you try to say to much on one photo you wont really be saying anything. 

Get what you want

  • You cant be afraid to go for what you want, don’t leave your destiny up to someone else
Eric Campbell Is A Professional Photographer In Fort Lauderdale FL
Eric Campbell (the only actor headshot photographer in south florida)

 Think about it like this, the director is the buyer, the casting director is the personal shopper, you are the product, and your Headshots are the packaging.

 We want to make sure your Headshots send a clear message to casting directors so they can feel confident that they are getting the right product.

 Not only that, by doing this you are taking control of your brand and you will put yourself in position to win.

My mission is simple: To help you define what you want so that your headshots are more about you, and less about my creative style. By doing this you have ownership of your Headshots, and they will be authentic.

Eric was thoughtful, creative, kind, and productive during our session. He gave our session a lot of thought before-hand. I appreciated this because it gave me the time and resources needed to prep for the session in the best way possible. I felt very comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend getting your headshots done with Eric. 10/10 !

Gabriel Salgada

Casual headshot for actor portfolio
Professional headshot for an actress in Fort Lauderdale Studio

I absolutely loved my session with Eric! It was my first shoot with him and his H&M artist and they are very professional, knowledgable, created an exciting and comfortable atmosphere. These guys KNOW what they’re doing (amazing shots) and you will love it! I definitely look forward to going back. Eric and Steven, THANK YOU so so much!

Rebeca Silva


A great headshot should tell a story. Together we will identify your brand, and use that to help us figure out what story you want to tell.

Your brand is the energy people think about when they hear your name.

A look is the combination of what you are wearing, and what background we use to tell your story

You should wear something that compliments the story you want to tell, and keep it simple! We want the casting director thinking about you, and not trying to figure out where you got your shirt from.

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