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Professional Branding Photography in Fort Lauderdale

Show up, get noticed, and attract your dream clients with professional brand photos.

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Nowadays, everyone is a brand.

What do people think about your brand?

Whatever business you’re in, you are the brand.

Sure, you can display photos of yourself that look “professional”, but you have to ask yourself…

What do people think – what do people feel when they see your photos?

All too often the best people show up online and miss their moment, over and over again, because they are giving everyone who sees their photo the wrong impression.

Sure, the photos look “fine”, but do they capture the personality, the confidence, the essence of what makes you unique – someone worth following and working with?

People are going to think something about you – and that is your brand whether you realize it or not.

Let’s make sure everyone who sees your photos is blown away by your brand.

Get iconic photos that make you "the brand" people want to work with.

Professional Brand Photography

Are you the next game-changer? The next icon of your industry? Let’s show it.

Get professional branding and marketing photos to increase your digital footprint, establish yourself as the authority, and get more people to say “Yes”.

branding photos

Whether you want to appear serious and successful, or approachable and fun-loving, I have the eye to help you design photos that speak volumes about you and your brand without saying a word.

Best for:

  • Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Social Media
  • Personal/Brand Websites
  • Magazine and Publication Features
  • Professional Bios/Profiles



Branding is building the house. Marketing is bringing people home. Get all the photos you need to market your products and services. You’ll ge4t high-end, beautiful photos you can use both online and offline.

Best for:

  • Advertisements & Promotions
  • Brochures & Marketing Materials
  • Billboards & Signs
  • And much more.

Small Business Branding Photography

Elevate Your Brand; Look Incredible

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve taken photos you don’t like, you don’t have to cringe at the idea of a headshot ever again. I am a master at capturing images that will bring out your personality, enhance your brand, and make you look fabulous. Whether you want to appear serious and successful, or approachable and fun-loving, I have the eye to help you design photos that speak volumes about you and your brand without saying a word.

Be authentic & look better than ever

Tell your story; Captivate your audience

Mrs. Rama Diallo called me late on a Thursday night because she had an emergency. She had a photographer scheduled to take some life style images for her upcoming Forbes magazine article, but unfortunately the photographer had to cancel last minute. So she sent me a text at 9:30 pm hoping for a miracle. After explaining what happened I had no choice, I had to get her in the studio ASAP!

As founder and CEO of the Great Green Wall of Africa (GGWoA) Foundation, she is on a mission to revitalize African forestry and reduce the overall impact of climate change on the continent. After explaining her passion to me I knew exactly what to do. In fact it only took about five minutes on the phone for us to realize that we are a perfect match, she has the passion, and I was the perfect person to bring it to life. 

The next morning Mrs. Diallo showed up with a slew of amazing garments, but I knew the gold on the dark background would be the perfect choice for Forbes. She was thrilled with the images, and even more thrilled with the fact that we were able to get her the final images that evening. As a result we are working on some new campaigns for her charity. What can I say, some things happen for a reason!

Images Sell More Online

It’s a digital world we’re living in, and the average person only reads about 20% of a web page but will view every single image. 

A headshot picture of a woman in a black leather jacket
Full midsection headshot of CMO in a double black suit
Full Body Lifestyle Photo of a female business professional
A Black and White Headshot of a CEO in Fort Lauderdale
Your Website Will Look Better Than Ever

Your digital footprint will get a LOT bigger, and your competition will be scrambling to keep up. Great imagery can establish you as an authority in your industry and build a level of trust with consumers that will help them say ‘Yes’ to you, over everyone else.

Hi, I'm Eric
Eric Campbell Is A Professional Photographer In Fort Lauderdale FL

“I believe the more a person gives, the more they receive. That’s why I always go the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy and excited to use their photos.”

LUKE 6:38

I give Eric 5 stars for every step from the initial phone call consult through to the final product. His studio is very comforable and Eric’s personality makes it easy to open up and look your best. Eric knows how to position you and just the right moments to snap the photos. There is no rush for you to get done quickly, as many outfits/looks as you want he’ll work with you on.
Phil Rosen Review or Eric Campbell Photography

Philip Rosen

Eric is amazing! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but after reading his reviews, I gave him a call. Eric explained the entire process and what I appreciated the most is that he took great care in understanding what it was I trying to convey through these headshots. It was more that just taking a photo. The experience was collaborative from start to finish. He is incredibly professional, honest and creative.
Lauren Review or Eric Campbell Photography

Lauren Ziadie

Repeat Headshot clients

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