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Get amazing headshots for everyone in your company, without leaving the office.

We bring the studio to your office, handle all the details, and make sure everyone actually likes their photos, so that you can be the hero. 

Serkin Twins Publix Website Photography by Eric Campbell Photography

fast: Start to finish 48hrs

EASY: We handle everything

painless: done right the first time

A professional photographer, Eric Campbell Photography Fort Lauderdale, captures a woman posing in front of an operating table.

You need professional headshots, but…

Most people hate company picture day.

Flashbacks of school picture day come to mind.

Most people dread company picture day. They worry they’ll hate the way their pictures turn out. And they know they’ll waste a whole day doing it.

They also dread the idea of getting in front of the camera, feeling awkward, and it showing in the photos. What will that say about your company? How will people feel when they see photos like that?

What’s more, you need company headshots, but there’s a problem:

  • You don’t want to be responsible if the experience is bad.
  • You don’t want to hear everyone complaining about how much they hate this.
  • You don’t want to get nickel-and-dimed, having to navigate a confusing quote.
  • You can’t afford to end up with BAD headshots, and have to do it all again.

we provide STRESS-FREE Company Headshots that your team actually likes!

Professional lawyer photo at desk for website images


Get professional, beautiful company photos –
That people actually like, and you won’t have to do over!

Most people hate company picture day, but that’s only because they haven’t seen how amazing they can actually look. My promise: you’ll get iconic, stunning photography that everyone – executives, associates, and prospects – will admire.

A Collection of Corporate Headshots Taken in Fort Lauderdale


Your employees are always coming and going. By photographing them individually, and adding your own background, we can make sure that your photos are always current, and easy to modify.

Best for:

  • LinkedIn and Social Profiles
  • Website Bios
  • Business Cards
  • Zoom & Virtual Meeting Profiles
  • Marketing Materials & Publications


Get group, team, or whole company photos that look so good, you’ll be proud to showcase them in a magazine or even on a billboard. Make a company culture statement with team photos everyone will love..

Best for:

  • Company Websites
  • Magazine & Publications, Online & Offline
  • Social Media Banners, Posts
  • Office Displays
  • Marketing Materials
we come to you.

(Only 3-5 minutes per person)

We show up, set up in 20 minutes, get people in and out efficiently, make sure they are happy, then we pack up and leave. Quick. Painless. Stress-Free.

we make people look great

(Coaching to get the best shots)

During the shoot we’ll make your team feel comfortable, help them with expert posing, and make sure each person is happy before they walk away.

you get the credit

(You become the hero)

When it’s over everyone is happy and impressed because they never looked so good, you’ll get your photos quickly, and everyone will be thanking you.

We bring the studio to your office, handle all the details, and make sure everyone actually likes their photos.

“The more you give, the more you receive. we always go the extra mile for our clients”
LUKE 6:38

Let's make company headshots something to look forward to.

I get it – nobody likes taking company pictures, right?

After working with over 1,000 headshot clients from all different
industries and backgrounds, I’ve experienced the whole range of picture day emotions:

Dread. Worry. Awkwardness. The general feeling of “let’s get this
over with.” I know how you feel.

But I also know the feeling that comes from seeing an amazing photo of yourself and thinking, “wow, I can’t believe that’s me.”

It’s amazing how all that dread goes away in an instant, and gets replaced with pride, confidence, and joy. Company picture day can be like that.

We love Eric, he did some work for one of our colleagues, and we loved it, so we called him to come up to Tampa and shoot the rest of our team. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT!He took the time to find out our brand personality, and designed headshots that completely blew our mind. 10 stars! We highly recommend working with Eric Campbell
We were working with a different photographer, but they were inconsistent, and didnt always have a great attitude. We found Eric in 2021, and now we wouldn't dream of using anyone else. As a matter of fact, we fly or people in specifically to work with him because we haven't found anyone that can offer the same quality and service. Thanks for making this an easy decision Eric!

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Best Website Photographer Fort Lauderdale Delivers Fun And Exciting Headshots That Make you Smile

Here’s how it works:

1. We plan your company headshots.

Just call me now, or schedule a time that fits into your schedule. We’ll talk about your goal for your company headshots and when you need them.

2. Get amazing headshots.

We bring the studio to you, setup quickly and out of the way, capture amazing photos of each person, and get everyone back to work…happy.

3. Wow your team - and prospects.

Everyone will love their photos, and how painless the process was. You get to be the hero, the boss is happy, and the company will look good for the next 10 years.

Quick, easy company headshots everybody is going to love...
Done right the first time so you won't have to do it again.

Hi, I’m Eric Campbell.

I work with companies from all different industries who need to showcase their team, whether it’s their first time to get headshots or it’s time to update.

Company headshots are an investment. No, I don’t simply mean they cost money. 

They’re an investment in the next several years of marketing and company promotion. They’re an investment in years of first impressions.

And they’re an investment in your people. 

But get bad company headshots, and that investment suddenly becomes a debt. Sure, you wasted your money and your time, but how much is lost in everyone on the team seeing a bad photo of themselves? Much more than a day of taking photos.

Let’s get it right the first time.

And every time you show your photos for years to come.

Best of all, you’ll be the hero for hiring us.

Eric Campbell Is A Professional Photographer In Fort Lauderdale FL

Eric Campbell, Headshot Photographer in Fort Lauderdale

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