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get High quality Headshots, without leaving the office

We bring the studio to your office, handle all the details, and make sure everyone actually likes their photos, so that you can be the hero. 

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A professional photographer captured a headshot of an older woman wearing glasses and a black jacket.

Going with the wrong photographer can be disappointing

  • They don’t take their time to make sure you look great
  • They nickel and dime you to death with add on fees
  • They don’t care about your experience
  • They don’t care if you like your photos
  • They waste your time and piss the boss off
  • The turn around takes weeks
  • Everyone is upset and hates their headshots
  • Then you have to pay for a new photoshoot (Based on real life events)

We make headshots easy, fun, and people love them

Here is how easy we make it to

get amazing headshots right at your office

We come to you

We show up, set up in 20 minutes, get people in and out efficiently, make sure they are happy, then we pack up and leave. Almost like we were never there, except that everyone now has amazing headshots!

We make people look great

During the shoot with make your team comfortable, help them with expert posing, and make sure they are happy before they walk away.

You become the hero

When it’s over everyone is happy and impressed because they never looked so good, and they are thanking you for finding such a great photographer.

group headshots
Company headshots and Office headshots for websites.
Plus we save you time and money

Mistakes are costly, which is why we focus on getting things right the first time. We guarantee top quality photography, and an experience that your staff won't hate.

And we will make sure your headshots are future proof.

Your employees are always coming and going. By photographing them individually, and adding your own background, we can make sure that your photos are always current, and easy to modify. 

Did we mention you will get amazing magazine style group photos?

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Don't forget, With us everyone looks great!

Corporate Photographer Oakland Park | Eric Campbell Photography provides professional corporate headshots services as well as excellent customer service.

Your corporate office Headshots are an extension of your brand and your company’s culture. How your employees are represented on your website, your internal communications, and professional social media accounts will impact how your brand is perceived.

 Together we will create a consistent aesthetic across your brand while ensuring that each team member shines as an individual.

Your employees are always coming and going. By photographing them individually, we can make sure that your company’s photos are always current, and easy to modify.

Corporate Photographer Oakland Park | Custom Business Headshots

Custom BUSINESS Headshots are great for companies that need a little flexibility.

By using a custom background you are able to add team members at any time, and from any location.

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