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Mistakes are costly, which is why we focus on getting things right the first time around. We guarantee top quality photography, and an experience that your staff will love. Our reputation is worth more than silver or gold, and we provide the best corporate headshots in Coral Springs." Proverbs 22:1"

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Rather than getting the whole office team to trek out to a studio in the middle of nowhere for corporate Headshots in Coral Springs, we’ll come right to your doorstep, carrying the shoot out at your workplace, and working around you. We know just how busy and frantic corporate schedules are, which is why our shoots are both efficient and enjoyable, relaxed but methodical.

Simple pricing, and No Hidden Charges – Ever.

Unlike many headshot photographers who find countless ways of adding to your overall bill, we’re different. We offer an all inclusive flat rate, meaning you can relax knowing that you’re not going to break the budget with hidden fees and unnecessary add-ons!

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“Who hired that  awful photographer?!” Answer: Not you. Instead, you secured a photographer offering great value, no hidden charges, and incredible-quality photos. What’s not to like? Your company gets great shots, and you get the praise for organizing them!

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If you’re looking for a headshot photographer operating out of South Florida, then look no further. If you’re wanting photographs that capture the essence of your company, the very spirit of your organization, then look no further. If you’re trying to take your business to the next level, to elevate it from good to truly great, then look no further. From chatty to corporate, creative to considered, my photoshoots truly encapsulate what it is your firm wants to put out to the world.

Future proof your Headshots

Your employees are always coming and going. By photographing them individually, and adding our own background, we can make sure that your photos are always current, and easy to modify.

Eric Campbell Photography Fort Lauderdale captures a group of people in professional business headshots, with a stunning body of water as their backdrop.
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