For this you receive:

  • 5-7 Unretouched Hi Res Images per person

  • 1 hour shooting time with outfit changes

  • A Post Session Gallery with download link

  • Multiple poses to match the specified art direction

Session times are 1 hour. I want you to relax, by keeping it casual we create an environment that will allow you to look confident and friendly.

Once we start shooting i will make sure you look amazing. No double chins, no weird poses, and no fake smiles.

After the session is complete we will go through your images. I will make it super easy for you to select the best images.

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS: Posing: All shots will later be cropped as both a quarter-body image and a headshot, so please shoot from the waist up and do not crop off shoulders or elbows. We ask that you please cycle everyone through a variety of poses (arms-crossed, hands together in front, hands in pockets, etc.). Subjects should be photographed both looking at the camera and off-camera.Due to the orientation of the portrait within the web page, please provide ample background space to the left of the subject. Overall, subjects should look confident, progressive and smart. Try to work with the personalities that already exist so that people look natural and comfortable. People don’t necessarily need to be smiling in all the shots but, once again, please attempt to vary expressions as much possible. Feel free to have subjects take a few shots with slightly more casual attire (i.e. jacket or tie off, sleeves rolled up, etc…).