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A professional photographer, specializing in business headshots, captures a smiling man in a suit sitting on a grey background.
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A professional photographer captures a headshot of a man and woman in black jackets for Eric Campbell Photography Fort Lauderdale.

The Headshot Essentials:

Two photos to build your brand and tell your story

A lot of photographers throw around the idea of telling your story, but when you look at their images they all look the same. We tailor every image to the specific needs of our clients to tell their story, and attract their ideal clients. This is why our clients dominate their industries. 

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Best for:

  • LinkedIn and Social Profiles
  • Website Bios
  • Business Cards
  • Proposals
  • Zoom & Virtual Meeting Profiles
A professional black woman in a lab coat posing for a corporate headshot photo.
A professional black woman in a white lab coat posing for a corporate headshot photo in Fort Lauderdale.


Best for:

  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Banners
  • Magazine Articles
  • About Me Photo
  • Dating Photo

1-Hour of Photoshoot Time

Coaching for Authentic Posing

Get help selecting the best images.

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Eric Campbell Photography in Fort Lauderdale specializes in business headshots, capturing the professional essence of individuals like a man with a beard sitting at a table.

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Sean Parsons Professional Men's Headshots done in the Fort Laudersale Photography Studio
“Eric is phenomenal, a true professional. Getting photographed isn’t something i’m super comfortable with and he really just melted all of that away. This is not your cookie-cutter headshot place. Eric is creative and doesn’t treat his clients like cattle. He cares about his craft, is highly creative on how he’s taking shots and really tries to capture the image you’re going for. Eric will be the ONLY person I recommend for anyone that needs pictures taken, he’s the real deal.”

Sean Parsons

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