If i can guarantee you that a professional Headshot will get you noticed by the right person, and put you in a position to advance your career, how much value would that have? If you are talking about a 10,000 raise, or an audition for the lead role in the next summer block buster, how much is that worth? The answer is up to you. I can tell you this, with a bad headshot you are rolling the dice. Maybe you could have sold that house, but the realtor at Keller Williams has an amazing headshot, so he got the first call. Maybe you could have moved up at Bank of America, but when they were doing reviews that other girl got the first interview because they saw her Headshot and said… “Hmmm, she looks nice. I can already tell that I like her. Lets bring her in.” Just take a look at the examples below, who would you want to speak to first? Who are you most likely to spend your money with?