How to pose for your headshot

Besides how to dress, the most common query related to headshots these days is how to pose for your headshot. It’s common for us to discuss posing and expressions while assisting a client during a photography session, but we also share our favorite professional headshot poses with you here. Headshot photography is Eric Campbell Photography’s specialty.

Here are a few basics:

• Posing for professional headshots shouldn’t be difficult.
• It shouldn’t feel awkward, unnatural, or staged.
• Try another pose if one doesn’t work out – don’t get discouraged.

Professional headshot poses should feel natural to the subject so that the client can focus on having a natural expression. According to recent research, your body language communicates a lot about your likeability and competence. For your professional photos, you should think about posing, especially if your body is visible in your headshot. Your personality will not allow you to feel comfortable in every pose. Take a few shots, and then review the results in between each one. Find out more about us on our website and book a session with us today.

How to pose for your headshot | Fort Lauderdale FL | Eric Campbell Photography


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