Thanks for checking out my page, for those of you that know me, you know that I am passionate about helping people. This passion led me to discover a serious issue that isn’t really being addressed.


How should an actor prepare for a Headshot session?


At first I thought it was simple. Get some clothes, wash your hair, brush your teeth, and stuff like that. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with this guy Dan (who is a working actor) on facebook that I realized this is an actual issue that people need help with. I am going to share our conversation with you

If you are someone that isn’t going to scroll through the screen shots of our how to prepare for a Headshot session conversation, it basically comes down to two things. 

The next logical question here is “How do I find my brand?” I am going to put together some bullet points for you to help out.

– Ask your friends what roles they see you in

– Take a personality test

– Define yourself in two unique words (Mine are confident and friendly)

– Own your features


After you have done the basics here, you are allowed to have some fun and go for a dream role. Think outside the box, what is the role you have always wanted? What motivates the characters that you are attracted to? Its not about putting on clothes that look like a character, its about knowing what motivates that character and becoming that person. A different look isn’t an outfit change, in one outfit you can look like multiple characters. If you are not tapping into the emotional aspect of your character target you are just taking the same picture in different shirts. Below are some examples of intentional characters.