Modern Professional Headshots

  It’s the latest craze! Modern professional Headshots, modern business headshots, or corporate headshots. However you want to describe it, it’s a big deal. In fact everyone wants it, and a lot of photographers are competing for your attention when it comes to this topic, but what the heck is it?

  In order to understand what a modern Headshot is, we have to understand marketing a little better. I am going to show you some fun facts about modern headshots. I am going to be using the Charlotte area as an example, since that is where I am located.

  • About 200k searches per month for headshots with the word “modern”
  • Photographers are paying nearly $10 per click for the key word “Modern Professional Headshots”
  • If you image search  “Modern Headshots” there is no clear style

 So, what does it mean? It means that people want modern Headshots, but they dont really know what they are. The reason this works, is because as soon as you put the word modern in front of anything, it makes it new and exciting. Also it creates something called FOMO ( Fear of missing out). You dont want to be the only one at the office with an old/lame Headshot.

 The fact that photographers will pay $10 everytime you click on their google ad (That website at the top of the search that says ad) means that when people type in “Modern Headshots” They know exactly what they want. Here is the catch, you don’t want modern Headshots, you want good Headshots. That’s right my friends, you are looking for Good Professional Headshots. It has nothing to do with being modern.

So what makes a “Good professional Headshot?” First thing is understanding what the purpose of a headshot is;

  • A  professional Headshot is a tool used to send a clear message, and attract the right people. 


Now, lets look at a headshot (tool used to send a clear message, and attract the right people)


Casey is the youngest union rep for delta. Our goal was;

  • Confident
  • Approachable
  • Caring
  • Warm
  • Interested in you

  Did we nail it? Would you feel comfortable bringing your issues to this guy? I would. A headshot like this doesnt need a crazy background, or cool color manipulation. It is classic, timeless, and most important there is a serious connection happening. This is a tool that serves a purpose, and you know right away what kind of person you are dealing with.

  So closing thoughts here. Don’t fall for the trend. Modern is a big word now, but what you need is something that is timeless, classic, and will last forever. I actually see a ton of great work with the word modern attached to it. I look and say to myself… “wow, that is a cool photo, but i would never want that guy to be my doctor”.

Make sure your head shot is a tool that works toward your goal. Make sure you know exactly how you want to sell yourself, don’t get wrapped up in the latest catch words, and don’t get wrapped up in backgrounds. Just find a good headshot photographer that gets great connection from their clients, get an amazing headshot, and go show off that beautiful face.

P.S. If you need to find someone I would recommend looking here, or if you are in South Florida give me a call!