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Professional Headshots fort lauderdale

Professional headshots that don't look like a fake smile, or like something smells bad

We shoot headshots specifically for you so that you won’t look exactly like everyone else, and improve your status.

Professional Headshots Fort Lauderdale

The days of hating your headshots are over

Unfortunately most headshot photographers have turned into used car salesmen with gimmicky catch phrases (Expression Coach), over priced (Look at how many lights I use), boring, un-original Headshots.

That’s why they have to make these crazy videos waiving their hands all over the place like inflatable blow-up dolls insisting they are the best.

We actually put in the effort to learn about you, what you like, and what you need to be successful in your industry. That’s why we stay busy without having to jump around like circus monkeys… Professional Headshots <— That ones for google. 

Professional Headshots Fort Lauderdale

You can't fake authenticity in a professional photo

Unfortunately for my lazy competitors, that try to manufacture authenticity by having people do weird things, their is no shortcut to an authentic expression. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY GET TO KNOW SOMEONE.

As a photographer you have to be able to read the room and adapt to your clients, figure out their angles, and figure out how to make them look their best. You cant just create some fake image and try to convince people it looks good.


Two professional photos to build your brand and tell your story

Linkedin is starting to dominate the professional social media landscape. We can help you turn your linkedin profile page into a landing page that converts!

A professional photographer captures a headshot of a man and woman in black jackets for Eric Campbell Photography Fort Lauderdale.

Avoid dirty looks from your parents for getting bad headshots

If you won’t get fantastic Headshots for yourself, at least do it for the people that care about you, that way they wont have to say “We’re not angry, we’re just disappointed”.

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Sean Parsons Professional Men's Headshots done in the Fort Laudersale Photography Studio
“Eric is phenomenal, a true professional. Getting photographed isn’t something i’m super comfortable with and he really just melted all of that away. This is not your cookie-cutter headshot place. Eric is creative and doesn’t treat his clients like cattle. He cares about his craft, is highly creative on how he’s taking shots and really tries to capture the image you’re going for. Eric will be the ONLY person I recommend for anyone that needs pictures taken, he’s the real deal.”

Sean Parsons

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