Traditional Headshots

traditional headshots

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How do traditional headshots differ from lifestyle headshots? That’s an interesting question about headshot photography.

In a traditional headshot, the subject’s head and shoulders are photographed closely with a neutral background and good lighting that highlights their features. Headshots serve various business purposes, including LinkedIn profiles, website bios, and business cards. They are intended to provide a professional, polished image of the subject. Subjects are typically posed in a way that flatters them while reflecting their professional image, such as with their shoulders straight and chin slightly tilted.

Alternatively, a lifestyle headshot captures the subject in their natural environment and in a relaxed setting. Lifestyle headshots aim to show more than just the subject’s professional image, but also their personality. The subject is usually engaged in an activity that reflects their interests or hobbies in this type of headshot, which is used for social media profiles or personal branding. A chef might be photographed in a kitchen or a musician might be photographed with their instrument.

While traditional and lifestyle headshots serve different purposes, they both require skilled photographers who can capture the subject’s best qualities and present them effectively. Consider a photographer’s style and portfolio when choosing a headshot photographer to ensure it fits the type of headshot you are seeking. The best photographer will work closely with the client to make them feel at ease and comfortable during the shoot, leading to more natural and authentic images.

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